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A compatible mining software, such as NSGminer for AMD, use those calculation results returned from the GPU to test if a block has been found and process the transactions. The feathercoind program includes the wallet transaction verification algorithms and functions, but without the Graphical user interface . Mining is done by 3rd parties using feathercoind , additional mining software, Graphics card drivers and hard ware .

Our team is committed to providing unbiased News & Reports related to various Cryptocurrencies, Decentralized Apps, Initial Coin Offerings and Blockchain technology. Electrum-FTC is a fork of theBitcoin Electrum wallet adapted to work with Feathercoin. All improvements which are not related to Feathercoin itself will be made directly in the upstream Electrum repository. NeoScrypt, the proof of work mining algorithm of Feathercoin, can only be mined with graphics cards.

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This makes Feathercoin mining possible for enthusiasts all over the world, enabling Feathercoin to be more decentralized. Exchange rates are provided by 3rd party services and are not indicative of cryptocurrencies being backed by any commodity or other form of money or having any other tangible value at all. RankNameAddressesNet WorthPercent of coinsLast Change Loading… RankAddressAmountPercent of coinsLast Change #AddressAmountShareChange Loading…

  • Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain they are based on, is a groundbreaking internet technology of which “currency” is merely one of the possible applications.
  • If you wish to accelerate a transaction getting onto the blockchain or it is a stealth transaction, you may wish to us the Broadcast service.
  • Normally FTC at current difficulty range and hashrate range generate 0 to 2 orphans per 500 blocks and usually the orphan chain is only one block.
  • Such identification enables interaction with representations of the resource over a network, typically the World Wide Web, using specific protocols.
  • You may do this by forking the Github project (if you received this code from, keeping your modifications in the new project, and linking to it in the page template.
  • It’s value need to be between 0 and max reward for the block + the fees paid for the other transaction in the block.

Therefore merchants do not have to pass on the cost of business to you the customer, meaning you are able to enjoy spending less on the things you love. Validators are responsible for proposing blocks and attesting to them within slots. Feathercoin is a PoW coin and is minable using the NeoScrypt algorithm. Etherium is a coin similar to Feathercoin, but where the miners also close smart contracts. Retarget every block with 15, 120 and 480 block averages and 25% damping.

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This works by having ‘master’ which checkpoints each block it sees on the network protecting it from specifically from being double spent. Committed on the 6th November 2013 in it has been successful in both aims to automate “Developer” approved checkpoints and prevent “double spends”. The basic checkpointing feature in Bitcoin makes sure that the software only connects to the blockchain defined by the developers. This is a safety feature to stop malicious users from trying to force clients on to a different blockchain. Feathercoin development is already moving on to including FTC facilities in 0.11 core series, whilst maintaining and refining the 0.9.x as a bridge. The aim currently is to include more difficult major changes in the 0.1x.x series that will require a hard fork and all users upgrade.

Checkpointing offers some protection against attackers but only up to the last checkpoint. So malicious users could try to orphan blocks after the last checkpoint and reverse transactions with 51% attacks. If two blocks are broadcast on the network with equal value otherwise, it is the block on the longest chain that will eventually convince all clients that it is the valid block.

On the left side of the header, you’ll see the CoinMarketCap logo, which takes you back to the block explorer homepage any time. It’s simplicity, the automated encrypted backups and the built-in exchange feature, all make it the perfect wallet to get started with Feathercoin. Thanks to the many Feathercoin developers, the number and quality of our applications is always growing. The software constantly adjusts the mining difficulty to keep this time consistent as mining intensity varies. Halving dates are a best guess and will need to be recalculated from time to time as the block times vary slightly.

It was not complete, but I’ve tidied it up as an interesting read for new members. Note this FeatherCoin Block Explorer searches the details of anything you enter in FeatherCoin’s original blockchain network. FeatherCoin Block Explorer is a simple tool which gets you detailed information about any FeatherCoin transaction, address, and block. Just enter any FeatherCoin transaction id, address or block no and click on search to get its details.

The Insight REST API provides users with a convenient, powerful and simple way to read data from the bitcoin network and build services with it. Clicking on a Bitcoin address brings you to its own wallet information page, with a QR code option and the list of all transactions the specific address was involved in. The current wallet balance is listed, including the volume of Bitcoin that has been received and sent, the total number of transactions made, and how many were incoming tx and outgoing tx . Exploring the address is similar to viewing a bank statement of all the purchases that have been made with that account. To assist users in using the block explorer, we have written this guide for those interested in the concept of blockchain, its terminology, and processes. Our block explorer visually displays block activity as it is confirmed in real-time, which allows users to take a more engaging approach to the data.

These individual UTXO’s re intact until a transaction is initiated and then are randomly selected one by one until it meets or exceeds the transaction amount. Clicking on any TxHash on the Block View page brings you to a dedicated page for that specific transaction. On this transaction page, you will be able to see whether the transaction has been successfully confirmed, marked in green. Block confirmations are the number of blocks that have been created after this block and are an indication of how secure the transaction is at the time you are viewing it. One confirmation simply means that the transaction has been successfully approved and added to the chain of blocks. Two confirmations indicate that a new block has been created and chained to the previous block with the transaction in it.

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They can look up a particular block number, and inspect it at a another level by viewing address and transaction details that make up a block. To provide some basic terms, a block explorer is a blockchain search engine that allows you to search for a particular piece of information on the blockchain. The activities carried out on crypto blockchains are known as transactions, which occur when cryptocurrencies are sent to and from wallet addresses. Each transaction is recorded onto a digital ledger, known as a blockchain.

How to buy FeatherCoin (FTC) from above-listed exchanges?

It is also still being actively developed by its founder and a small but strong open-source community contributing to the project. The actual wallets probably hold more worth than listed, and smaller wallets or individual addresses could actually be part of a larger wallet. The feathercoin API is the place to look with coin data including price.

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Checkpointing was originally built in to Bitcoin in order to prevent dishonest people reversing transactions and taking back the money they had sent. The problem is the calculations become incorrect for the next block when the hash rate varies and it can arrive much too early or late. In addition the introduction of eHRC included re-calculation of the difficulty, called Re-Target, after every block. EHRC stands for enhanced Hash Rate Compensation, it was designed and implemented by Feathercoin developers and is open source. Feathercoin has had it’s Proof of work algorithm enhanced to make it more compatible with distributed mining on widely available commercial graphics cards.

I just relased the latest of the feathercoin block explorer as it is running on Abe works with files created by the original Bitcoin client. You will need a copy of the block files (blk0001.dat, blk0002.dat, etc. in your Bitcoin directory or its blocks/ subdirectory). You may let Abe read the block files while Bitcoin runs, assuming Bitcoin only appends to the file. Abe may need some fixes to avoid skipping blocks while current and future Bitcoin versions run. Coin age is equal to the number of coins sent times the average age on these coins.

Normally FTC at current difficulty range and hashrate range generate 0 to 2 orphans per 500 blocks and usually the orphan chain is only one block. The enormous amount of hash power required to make a 51% with the intend of making a double spend is likely to be big enough so the double spend need to be worth it. I found this explanation of how to use the block explorer and what the transaction fields mean.

Stealth transaction Search – SX Tool

A pop up is shown with the newly created receive address address and QRCode image. Cryptocurrency tries to take the validation out of the hands of centralised middlemen and allows anyone to participate. Agreeing on the software that controls the system being the consensus that is agreed prior to transactions taking place. Cryptocurrencies and the blockchain they are based on, is a groundbreaking internet technology of which “currency” is merely one of the possible applications.

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Keep in mind that these numbers are constantly changing as crypto is sold, bought, and mined. If some time has passed since you have entered the page, you can refresh it to view the most updated data. Of course, this data is powered by CoinMarketCap and is consistent with the numbers you will see on our site. Finally, like most other explorers on this list, TradeBlock can also be used to keep track of transactions on the Ethereum blockchain.

Welcome to Feathercoin core wallet

FTC recently completed a review of effectiveness of eHRC against the increase in GPU Multipools and large GPU pools. It showed that eHRC was performing as designed to adjust the hash difficulty and compensate for variations. Comparing algorithms, this means that it is now “harder” to mine each block with Neoscrypt, so difficulty of 100 KHash/s of Feathercoin mining is equivalent to 1 MHash/s of scrypt mining. The help menu also includes the Stealth address search facility. And now Superman and Batman can review their balance of their MultiSig addresses. Exporting this MultiSig address to your partner involves sending the .msa file, to your partner.

It is both loved and hated for its sparse, black background and unique presentation. That’s not to say it isn’t a complete blockchain explorer. It gives you all the basic information, and data is nicely formatted, including links to individual transaction hashes.

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