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Recovery isn’t easy but it’s even worse when you are constantly exposing yourself with your tweets. Awe look at that, her only friend wished her a hbd! Id probably kms if I was 25, an addict, broke, unemployed and uneducated, had no real friends and still lived at home. So delusional how she pretends shes succeeding while undeniably being worse off than she was before her ‘recovery’. And now the birthdays selfies for fan validation, she seriously used this post as a template I stg. Peep the huge track on her shoulder lmao.

I’m lucky enough to still get updates and photos if I ask too. Took me such a long time to make sure the new owners were prepared and we’re good financially. Just a long time to find the right fit, because I wanted the best home for my pets. The one I knew I couldn’t provide anymore. Ex and for him to knock up the next girl he sees. I do wonder if Tay is actually in therapy at all cause she has made no progress in getting her life together and getting over JC.

Why are you replying so rudely to something posted so long ago? Anon was obviously talking about the retail coffee sizes, and you would know that if you read – dumbass. As much as I was “Team Taylor would never get back with Jonny” before, I could honestly see it now. Yes she has vehemently talked shit sober living house on him since breaking up with him but she is still obsessed with him what, has it been 2 years? They hardly have anything to offer each other financially but I agree that it would fuel each of their egos big time. Tay is motivated by external factors such as drugs, male attention and even drama.

SETTING UP MY ANIMAL ROOM (New House Tour) | Taylor Nicole Dean

She just wants to get noticed so her onlyfans can take off. You’re too late, OF is already oversaturated with e-girls, go get a job. I like the idea, I’d see her less here and I think it’s cow worthy. Maybe we should wait a few months to follow the “rules” and please the mini mods. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it’s created.

  • Her career was objectively better with JC pushing her, even if it was only because he needed her to be the “hot popular snake girl” for his own ego and the YT bucks for drugs.
  • Please create a new thread and post a link to it.
  • Umm in her ~oh brother jonny sucks~ video which was only posted 3 months after her first video of heroin addiction she says all of this about rape and shit.
  • Image showing off a book ur ex gfs dad bought u over 3 years ago, how weird.
  • I still have the numbers from two pets I rehomed years ago.
  • But I agree they should out her self posts, there is definitely more than just that one.

She doesn’t list her sources for a reason. One of her most popular YouTube videos is the August 2016 video titled “How Many Animals Do I Own? .” She has also gained over 230,000 followers on her taylorndean Instagram account. There is no way a sober person would edit this bad.

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Which is especially burdensome for him because he already will have to support his severely disabled son for Tanner’s entire life. And as much as I hate Mama Dean, she realistically can’t work full time because Tanner needs a caretaker. It’s almost as if Taylor is jealous that Tanner is unable to work. Papa Dean will have to kick Taylor out to fend for herself if he ever wants to retire. Damn imagine being into Halsey as a whole ass adult. Not surprising tho bc Halsey herself comes across as the type to think she’s so edgy and alt when she’s not.

taylor nicole dean

Top creators fall off fast all the time and she was far from the top. Did she think YouTube was going to last forever? YouTube might not even be relevant in a few years. It blows my mind she was living so beyond her means. Were her parents so preoccupied with protecting her from Jonny that they completely neglected to teach her basic money management skills?

Plenty of former strays become indoor/outdoor house cats. The cat looks chubby and friendly and I really doubt this was a beat up street cat Mama Dean legitimately rescued. Not to WK but the clipped ear confirms its a stray. They don’t clip your pets ears when you get them spayed or neutered.

For someone who has no life and sits in bed all day she wastes a lot of money on ugly press on nail sets. Pretty sure Taylor said they have 2. Absolutely absurd considering they have 4 cats now. Every cat needs their own litter box, it’s even more important when you take in new “strays” because they can be especially territorial.

All of her misery is entirely her own fault, there are people who would kill for the opportunities she’s had and squandered. This isn’t an airport, you don’t have to announce your departure. It’ll be a slow trickle over a period of months, I think. If they’re talking there’s no reason she has to follow his insta to keep up with him so now everyone knows before she can break the news. If she was trying to hide it then why would she do something so public? Manic posting inane deflections after deleting the Jonny tweet like it’s going to change the subject.

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Maybe she can make a tiktok and get a new following of wanna be sick kids. She bought 200$ worth of these for cheese2 , she’s remarking this one is so big probably because it’s too big to use as a feeder. When your mommy does all the work and you only touch your animals to use them as props for thirst traps or selfies you don’t need to worry about that kinda stuff. Tay and her mom has been abusing animals for years, Jen just takes over the work when Tay is too strung out to do anything but none of them do a good job.

taylor nicole dean

Feels sus that the first thing you would even consider from that is taylor abusedJC?? Anon, genuinely, go see a therapist. Period or no period, what you said was super fucked up.


I don’t think she’s going to go in on herself as much as I did but if the farmhands expose her self posting it’ll be settled which are hers. Then hopefully she can crawl back into a hole creepshowart style and this thread can move on. Sorry but this isn’t your thread where you call the shots. And this is the first time I’ve posted in this thread ever.


She is such a cow, feels like she is teasing us to start her own thread too. Yeah I think this is just some delusional stan. Taylor would be posting tons if she was planning on moving out. She is the embodiment of internet validation, she is incapable of doing anything without posting about it even if it’s drinking while claiming sobriety. This motherfucker could open up a shelter just for all the animals he’s abandoned.

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In the now deleted caption, she tries to explain why the video was not uploaded. Sorry Idk how to reply to people on here I’m definitely not xaiviea . I’m however from the city shes from and know a whole hell of alot of shit about her. these 5 medications for alcoholism can help you control your drinking Everything yall have talked about or questioned is accurate and I’ve been enjoying this thread since she for whatever reason posted about it and gave everyone access to. “Anonymous women.” I posted the one you previously mentioned.

Or someone pretending to have inside info. He’s been popping up on her ig here and there for awhile. Clearly trying to weasel his way back in. You think JC “motivated” and “handled” her? All we saw him do limit alcohol before bed for better sleep was spend her money, threaten to flush her pets down the toilet, and nod on her couch watching movies. So gross this has got to be JC the toothless manlet self posting because he knows, she lurks here.

Why are you so pressed about what is anons are doing we aren’t cows chill. NTA it was a big reach in relation to that specific post, but there’s still sufficient evidence to indicate it’s a possibility. At this point I think farmers are losing their minds because of how goddamn boring this cow has been for so long. Only so much can happen to an unemployed adult who has no friends and lives at their parent’s house.

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